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  • Summarize online articles

  • Tailored insights

  • Cross platforms

  • Cross languages

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Why through email?

Use your existing email account.
Leverage your familiar email inbox UI.
No additional app installation required.

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Feature 1

Summarize articles

After you initiated an email to with a web page URL, it will response you with a summary of the content from the URL.

This summary not only offers you an overview, but also serves as a context for you to read the web page later.

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Tailored insights

After received the summary, you can reply to the email with follow-up questions about the content.

This is a great way to get tailored insights from the content, and dive deeper into it.

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All through your email inbox

Feature 1

Cross platforms

As long as you can access to your email inbox, you can search on the previous insights or request for new ones.

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Cross languages

It will response you in the same language as the language you write for insights, regardless of the original language that the web page content wrote in.

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Share insights

Not only there are multiple ways you can share inspiring insights to your friends, but they can also participate in distilling more insights via email.

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Feature 1

Chrome extension

a shortcut to draft initial email with both the recipient and url prefilled automatically.

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Feature 1

Online PDF

Without uploading PDF files, you can distill insights from a web URL pointing to a PDF file.

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Feature 1


Send an email with a Youtube link, then you can chat with the video content!

How to start

01Copy a web page url that you want to get summary
02Send email with the url to
03Your email inbox should receive its summary in seconds
Open your email client, then send it

Insights discovery is currently in beta. I welcome your feedback and suggestions, which would help shape the plan for how I build
For updates or tips on how to seamlessly use it with your existing reading workflows, please check out the blog posts. - Elevate your reading experiences with your email inbox | Product Huntfeatured by there's ai for that

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