Summary with soul, Insight equals value

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Summarize these updates as a poetry.

Here are updates, with soul and grace, Insights of value, in every case. Optimizing summaries, concise and clear, Key points distilled, for all to hear.

The main idea, a prompt to start, But long paragraphs, can make it hard. So, a new prompt, to list the points, Bullet by bullet, the content appoints.

But guidance lacks, in this bullet form, Understanding the flow, becomes the norm. A balanced approach, is what we seek, Key points and relationships, in language unique.

Summarize it, in paragraphs few, A prompt that captures, the essence true. Try it yourself, with links you find,, answers in kind.

Insights enhanced, for all to share, Inspiring others, with knowledge rare. Open graph cards, for social display, A preview screenshot, to light the way.

QR codes present, on the insight view, Share with a scan, a screenshot anew. Email parsing improved, with precision keen, No more challenges, in understanding the scene.

Custom prompts, the next frontier, Beyond limitations, we shall steer. Comments welcome, as always before, Updates that enrich, forevermore.

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