Explain cow swap using the intent concept

CoW Swap is an intent-centric application that allows users to sign intents and submit them to an aggregator. The intents are then processed by solvers who compete to provide solutions for the batch of intents. CoW Swap has its own RPC API and network for submitting intents, which are specific to the CoW Swap application and not easily composable with intents from other applications.

The intent concept in CoW Swap involves users expressing their preferences or desired actions through intents. These intents can be specific to a particular application or can be composed with intents from other applications to satisfy multiple preferences. For example, if a user wants to buy a ticket using a different currency than what the ticket seller accepts, they can compose intents from the ticket application and a currency trading application to find a solution that satisfies both parties.

However, Anoma aims to generalize and protocolize the architectural problems faced by intent-centric applications like CoW Swap. It seeks to provide protocols that handle intent-based architecture without the need for separate networks, solvers, intent languages, and off-chain execution selection systems. Anoma focuses on making intents composable at the intent layer, allowing for easier integration and atomic interactions between different applications.

In summary, CoW Swap is an existing intent-centric application that has its own infrastructure for handling intents. Anoma, on the other hand, aims to standardize and abstract the components of intent-centered applications, making them easier to build and compose without reinventing the wheel for each application.

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