Please summarize it as a poetry.

In the realm of great work, let us delve, Where techniques intersect and stories tell, A guide for all fields, a beacon of light, To ignite ambition, to reach new heights.

Choose your path with utmost care, Aptitude, interest, and scope to bear, Discover your calling, though it may be tough, For the young and unsure, it's just enough.

Work diligently, let your mind roam, In undirected thinking, find your home, Delve into questions, let curiosity soar, Originality and creativity will open the door.

Embrace earnestness, be true to your core, Risk looking foolish, let your ideas pour, Consistency is key, in work and in self, Stay true to your vision, in pursuit of wealth.

Break the rules, be independent in mind, Aggressively or passively, new paths you'll find, Choose important problems, both big and small, Originality in choosing, the first step of all.

Youth brings fresh eyes, a perspective anew, Pay attention to what seems wrong or askew, Copy openly, learn from those before, But let your own ideas shine, forevermore.

In the face of setbacks, don't lose your way, Backtrack if needed, but never fully stray, Struggle is a sign of effort, not despair, An audience, big or small, will always

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