List the key points

  1. Letting your mind wander can lead to valuable thinking, so avoid distractions that push your work out of focus.
  2. Cultivate your taste in the work done in your field to know what you're aiming for and strive to be the best.
  3. Trying to make something that people will care about in a hundred years can help you aim high.
  4. Discover broken models by being stricter than others and noticing signs of breakage.
  5. Be willing to break rules to fix your model of the world and come up with new ideas.
  6. Start lots of small things and be prolific in trying different things to increase the chance of discovering something new.
  7. Learn faster and have more fun by trying stuff instead of studying everything that's been done before.
  8. Make successive versions of your work to evolve and improve it over time.
  9. Pay attention to things that seem wrong or missing when learning something new, as they may represent undiscovered ideas.
  10. Know what you don't have to worry about through experience and focus on doing good work rather than chasing influential people.
  11. Copy openly and consciously, as copying can be a sign of superiority and can lead to originality.
  12. Seek out the best colleagues and work with people you want to become like.
  13. Distinguish good pain from bad pain and understand that work can be a struggle.
  14. Build an audience and avoid intermediaries to have a direct connection with your audience.
  15. Surround yourself with people who increase your energy and avoid those who decrease it.
  16. Find a kind of work where your ability and interest can combine to yield new ideas.
  17. Don't worry about being presumptuous or failing, and be willing to work hard to do great work.
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